Friday, November 23, 2007

Egg Salad

So I was watching Iron Chef: America, and Mario Batali was competing, and he was cooking this pasta dish, and I'm probably going to do a terrible job describing it, but it was really cheesy (the secret ingredient was Parmesiano Reggiano), and he was serving if family style. So he had this giant platter, and piled this huge pile of finely grated cheese on it (like grated super small, like the kind that comes out of the green can), and then created a large indentation in the pile, sort of creating a cheese volcano. Then he took some kind of alcohol (i feel like it was ouzo) and he filled the crater with it, and lit it on fire. The alcohol all burned off, and what happened was the surface of the crater was smoothed over because it melted, thereby creating a bowl made out of cheese. By smoothing it, the pasta would avoid getting caught on the rough cheese and torn up. So he served a pasta in a cheese-based sauce, in a bowl made out of cheese.

Egg salad?

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Quietus said...

i am extremely full from having a big pasta bowl for lunch but now i want a good egg salad sandwich