Thursday, November 22, 2007

Japanese Game Shows

Japanese game shows are possibly the most ridiculous, ever.

Other than that, I'm mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted. Why is it that once you finally seem to be settled into some sort of rhythm in life, like ten thousand different things all happen at once to disrupt that delicately balanced homeostasis that you've worked so hard to achieve? At least I've got my research. I wonder if that's why people in academia and/or research tend to sequester themselves in the lab for hours on a way to not have to deal with the outside world. When you're doing experimental research, you control, or attempt to control, everything except for one variable. And even then, you categorize the variable of interest, thereby controlling the way that you interpret it. You leave as little as possible to chance. I wonder if that says something about scientists and researchers. For people who would like to live a life in that sort of a model, it seems like a very predictable, and very boring, way to live.

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