Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harrison Ford

Every Harrison Ford movie (of recent years, not including earlier stuff like Star Wars, or Indiana Jones) is the same:
1. Opening scene(s) in which it is made clear that Harrison Ford loves his family, his wife, his family dog.
2. Mean man, who knows everything about Harrison Ford's family (like the name of his dog, or his son's allergies), kidnaps the family and tells Harrison Ford about it, but doesn't tell him what he wants.
3. Finally, mean man tells Harrison Ford what he wants.
4. Harrison Ford says no. Mean man makes it clear that he isn't playing games.
5. Harrison Ford says okay, goes through the motions.
6. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford is creating an elaborate plan to turn the tables on the mean man and his cronies.
7. Harrison Ford's elaborate plan goes wrong. Family put into more danger.
8. Harrison Ford comes up with new plan. Saves family. Saves family dog. Kills mean man. Roll the credits.

So why are they all so good?

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